Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem provides accommodation for all foreign students at dormitories “Koleje Klíše”.

Address: Koleje Klíše, Klíšská 979/129, 400 01 Ústí nad Labem

The dormitory is divided into three buildings - K1, K2 (those are connected by elevator) and K3. Most of the international students are living at K1, K2.

K1 - Every room is divided into two others rooms (one has big fridge), every for two persons. Two rooms (4 people) have the same entrance, shared bathroom, and toilet, the kitchen is shared for whole floor

K2 - Rooms for 2 people with toilet, small hall with fridge and bathtub (4 rooms).

K3 - Has a kitchen in every room. Kinda modern rooms.

The informations about the price can be found HERE

You can use trolley buses (no. 58) or buses to go to the station “Klíše lázně”.

The dormitories are about 15 min by bus from the center and 15 min walking to the university. 

Accommodated students have to:

  • Show your student card whenever entering the hall of the dormitory. 
  • Keep your rooms clean. 
  • Keep the shared kitchen clean.
  • Behave themselves considerately to other keeping the silent hours. Some people do actually call the police when they are disturbed by noise from any room or from the corridor! 

Accommodated students are not allowed to:

  • Move to another room without permission of accommodation office 
  • Have pets in their rooms. 
  • Smoke in the dormitories. There are smoke sensors, you could activate an alarm. 

Paying the rent

The rent for accommodation in student rooms is to be paid in cash or by a credit card in the accommodation office in the lobby of K1 dormitory on the day 15th of the previous month (15th March you have to pay for April, 15th April for May etc.). It is also possible to pay the rent in advance for several months or for a whole stay. It is essential to pay the rent in time to avoid any penalty fees! 

More informations can be found HERE